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The day is stretching out ahead of me and all I can do is yawn. After two nights of little to no sleep and another day of too much activity in front of me all my thoughts circle around my bed, how comfy it is, how warm, how inviting and how many hours it will be till I can retire to it again, even if only for a short while as I have an early flight to catch tomorrow morning.

Not only does sleep allow you to disappear from reality for a while and swim in pools of dreams but it is vital for your health. Stress piles up without it but pounds can too. There seems to be a direct link between the lack of sleep and weight-gain, even if the scientists haven’t quite been able to figure out what that link actually is. However they do know that the less someone sleeps the harder they find it to lose weight or even maintain the pounds they have. And while sleep helps you remember and process the lack of it turns you into a forget being. In essences little sleeps does not only cut down your beauty regimes but it turns you into a stressed out, panda eyed, fat person who can’t remember a thing.

As bad as that may be it is not all! Testosterone levels build up while we sleep, especially during our REM sleep, the time of night where we sleep the deepest and probably snore the loudest. These levels steadily decrease during the day and only a good nights rest can raise them up again. This means that without sleep men lose their sex-drive and it can even lead to erectile dysfunction. But women aren’t safe either as they too need Testosterone for those sexy thoughts. In addition it also seems that women who sleep little are also more prone to heart problems as Testosterone has a protective effect on decreasing inflammation on this important muscle. So losing sleep can literately break your heart.

With all this in mind it doesn’t help that I feel sluggish and tired but am not done with my work yet. I will just have to live with the fact that for the next day of two I will aimlessly wander into rooms and forget what I wanted there, feel fat and unattractive and the rings under my eyes are steadily approaching my chin. And if this wasn’t bad enough I have to be at my vivacious, vivid best on Sunday.

At least it is nothing that a good nights sleep can’t fix. So again the yearning and yawning sets in and my daydreams revolve around my nighttime sleep.

Sexual Health and Sleep