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They are small, black and scurry around as if their life is in a big hurry, but most of all they are really annoying me: ants. For a few days now my new pastime has become squashing them as they are attempting to invade my kitchen. I have been trying to figure out where they are coming from but so far I only have two theories neither of which really helps me. These little annoyances seem to either live in one of two walls OR wander in off the street underneath my door.

I even read up on the internet of how to get rid of them, but really how am I suppose to know where the queen is or what she looks like. Is she wearing a little tiara and a sparkly shoes or is she more like the one in Alien big, black, scary and popping out one egg after another? And stopping the trail would be nice if there was a real trail, instead every now and then I just spot a lone ant wandering around, seemingly aimlessly, are they all scouts and if so where are their badges and does that mean they’ll attempt to light a fire somewhere?

As I’ve never been one for camping this ant situation does not really make me happy but it did get me thinking about small things that make our lives miserable. Not one for nit picking there are a few things that really get on my nerves even if I know in they big scheme of things they don’t matter.

I have this jug in the kitchen that filters water and I always keep it full, so when people use it but don’t bother to refill it I can’t help but fell a little annoyed. Bad manners can drive me up the wall and people who leave empty (or worse half empty) cups and glasses around the place deserve a slap. And why do some smokers think it’s okay to blow what they are exhaling into your face?

But it’s not just the little things that people do that can turn my smile upside down. My hair can cause me so much grief that there are days where I feel the only option is going bald. I hate losing a sock in the washing machine, really what am I meant to do with the other one and why does dust exist?

But in a weird sort of way it makes sense that small things can annoy us to the point of explosion after all they are more likely to happen and thus wear away at ours nerves. And as far as I can see there are only two solutions: either tell the person they are annoying you early on to give them the chance to change their behavior before you pull a knife on them OR learn to live with it. After all whatever it is that is grinding your happiness down is probably really not that big a deal and if we change how we see things maybe we won’t get upset about it.

But when it come to ants in my pantry I think the only way to deal with the situation is put on my bandana and kill them all. So armed with cloves, cinnamon and vinegar I will try and smell them out and hope the queen can run in her heels.