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My head is spinning a little this morning with all sorts of information. Over the last two days I have been catching up with friends from all over the world via phone and skype and now I am all talked out.

I love chatting away to my friends and getting glimpses into the lives they lead so far away or listening to problems they are having or just being silly together. But as I hung up last night I remembered an article I had read on the New York Times website a good while ago.

It was a long article  about the fact that more and more communication has be reduced to texting and emailing, that calling someone on the phone is considered rude, interrupting and out of date. I remember thinking at the time how odd that is as verbal communication can give you so much more information than a text or an email can. After all we have to use those smiley faces and abbreviations just to let someone know that something is a joke or how we are reacting to something they said.  When talking to a friend I can hear if they are smiling or if there is a small quiver in their voices. I can tell if they are happy or sad and they way they say certain things lets me know how serious or not something is.

I do understand that in the world of business an email may be more efficient, straightforward and you can read it when you get a minute. But there is something more personal about hearing someone else’s voice. Is it deep and sexy, squeaky and high, is it a friendly singsong or maybe it has an exotic accent and the way people use words paints a picture of who they might be.

Maybe my love for the phone is a little old fashioned and maybe it stems from a time when I thought it was the epitome of independence to have your own phone in your bedroom (Molly Rindwald has a lot to answer for). But I still think that knowing  someone is  only a phone-call away helps keep long distance friendships alive.

So what if being a phone lover is retro and having hot phone ears is a rare condition, I think I will keep the phone alive and make a few calls later. After all I haven’t spoken to my sister in a few days and maybe a friend has a solution to my problem. So instead of letting my fingers to the talking I will use my voice and stay a chatter box.

Don’t call me, I’ll call you