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I quite like Wednesdays even if I don’t really know why.  I think it may have to do with the fact that I like things in the middle. I like licking out the center of Ferrero Rochers, twisting cookies apart and eating the filling first or nibbling the top off of chocolate bars to get at the caramelly goodness inside. And since Wednesday is neither the beginning nor the end of the week I think it’s undefined status makes it a day that can surprise you.

Studies have shown that Wednesday is the best day to ask bosses for a raise and for singles to have their first date. Funnily enough this makes the best day for dating the day stuck between Tuesday, the day you are least likely to have sex and Thursday the best day for sex.

But maybe my love for Wednesdays comes from the fact that I am a middle child, stuck between an older sister and a younger brother. I know that in psychology this make me the “mysterious middle child”, someone who is harder to define and more often than not has a rebellious streak. This probably comes from the fact that a middle child never receives the full attention of their parents. The oldest is an only child till the next one comes along, the youngest becomes an only child when the others have moved on. Middlelings are never alone, which means they never get 100% of their parents attention. The benefits of receiving less attention is that middle children tend to be more independent, the negatives are they have to work harder to be heard.

But being stuck in the middle also means that you get to try things out, you learn to think a little bit outside the box and can develop your own creativity. And like any good sandwich filling you tend to hold things together, as a mediator, even if it makes you the one to have the argument. Middle children are full of contradictions, the are laid-back yet impatient, they are very sociable but like solitude, the are rebels but good diplomats and always a little bit different.

So with Wednesday (named between two gods, the Roman god Mercury with his fetching winged sandals and the Germanic god Odin, Thors dad) stretching out in front of me, I think I will see what happens and enjoy the surprises it may hold. And since Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, JFK, Bill Gates, Ernest Hemingway, Barbara Walters and Julia Roberts are all middle children I think I am in quite good company.

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