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After a lovely night at the movies and a cocktail nightcap, today is starting out with brunch and friends. If the last 12 hours or so is anything to go by this weekend is looking good. And even though my to-do list is accusingly staring up at me I have decided to ignore it for the morning and re-enact a Sex and the City moment with girl gossip, fancy shoes and scrumptious food.

I love those weekends that are filled with play, happy things and bright memories. A real time to just be, relax and have fun. And it is no surprise to me that people, no matter how high-flying their job or how smart they look in a suit, are happier at the weekend. It is not only a time to let go and de-stress but important for all those social bonding moments with others.

Funnily enough the study also shows that we feel more competent during the weekend then when we are actually at our desks pushing those pencils, adding up figures or typing calluses onto our fingertips. The reason for this is the correlation between well-being and the sense of greater autonomy. Basically if you let me do what I want to do I feel good about myself and do much more.

With that in mind and the weekend stretching out in front of me I can’t wait to be my better self and have fun. And even if I do need to squeeze in a few hours of work (something does have to pay for all those shoes) I will make sure that leisure trumps labor and fun prevails over frustration.

Now all I need to do is slip on those heals, clogs, boots or what ever footwear takes my fancy and let them carry me of to brunch and a beginning of a fun-filled, happy weekend. Who knows what lies ahead and  with excitement bubbling up inside of me and a grin spreading over my face I am hoping the sun will show her pretty face.

Weekend Effect