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The Easter Bunny may be visiting people far and wide today but somehow that silly hare has yet again forgotten to put me on his list of happy chocolate receivers. So with no chocolate loot to go searching for I made myself a little basket of chocolatey goodies, but it really isn’t the same and got me thinking about all those lovely family holidays.

I am big fan of Christmas, love the whole season surrounding it. The lights transforming the world into a magical place, the hot drinks and cold noses, the joy of being able to splurge on others and be as tacky as you like with decorations in your home. Valentines day on the other hand is a strictly couple affair, only exciting when a surprise gorilla-o-gram interrupts your day with a red chocolate heart and a card stuffed with love and hopefully an invite for the night. Mothers day is when we spoil those who put plasters on our knees, made us pancakes and helped with our homework. Fathers day is when Daddy’s spoil themselves and go off drinking with the lads. St Patrick’s day is the greenest day of the year with families dipping their heads and hearts into national pride.  But Easter stands a little apart for me. Although it is the most important Church Holiday, it also seems to be mainly a family event.

For some reason while others are gorging themselves with chocolate eggs and hunting down the last shiny orbs in the garden I often end up with no plans. Today is no different, but I am sure I will come up with lots of lovely things to fill the day with.  Yet I have to admit that it does niggle at me slightly that there is no day in the year to celebrate the singles amongst us. Which seems odd as we are an increasingly growing number.

So as my mind is untainted by a cocoa high I had this thought: maybe we should just invent such a day. I am thinking one day in the summer would be nice. No work for those who live alone and the singles cat Jingle (each holiday needs its bearer of gifts and what better than an alley cat?)  would bring us all cards, chocolates, flowers and condoms. And everyone you have ever given a gift to on their showers, wedding days, engagement parties and other couply events have to remember you for a change and exchange the favour. After all didn’t someone once say the joy is in the giving?

But for now I will eat a marzipan egg and see what the city has to offer as the sun is hiding behind grey clouds and my beach plans seem a little too dull.  And maybe the chocolate filled bellies will keep most families at home and I will have the galleries to myself. Yes, sometimes being single is perfect!