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A whole wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, literally. This is a common conundrum in my life as I am often quite perplexed at why nothing I own is something I want to wear, or even like. After all I did go out and buy the clothes at one time or another.

As I ponder this enigma I think it may have a lot to do with the fact that I like to feel comfortable and pretty, but mainly just myself. In addition to this I am also not a big fan of jeans, never have been but they do seem to dominate everyday life and I own two pairs, reluctantly. And while I do enjoy fashion on others and find the creativeness of fabrics, styles and colours stunning, I am very much my own person when it comes to clothes I want to wear.

So being no fashionista (but seemingly on the way to becoming a  blogonista) I am left with the problem of what to wear tonight. There are several issues to contemplate and very few answers in my closet. The event I will be partaking in this evening means I will be sitting in a bus for quite some time, I may be traipsing around graveyards (don’t ask) and the weather is changing its mind more often than I am.

I normally build up my outfit of choice from the shoes I want to wear. Yes, like most normal women I love shoes in all variations but unlike most I have even branded myself with one on my ankle. I own possibly more than 100 pairs and I aspire to one day own green Manolo Blahniks, for now red Jimmy Choos will have to do, even if they are staying in tonight.

As I am unsure about the footwear needed for tonight, and I don’t do runners and my hiking boots seem somewhat inappropriate I think I will have to settle on a pair of boots. But now the real problem starts! With only five hours to go I think I may have to abandon my days work and meditate in front of my wardrobe. And who knows maybe a fairy-godmother will appear and help me out, only the glass slippers will have to stay home.