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It started to rain and I really couldn’t bare the thought of taking the bus home. I was running late as it was, getting all those special ingredients for the dinner I had planned had taken so much longer than intended. And now with the rain dripping down my collar and running down my back I’d definitely need a hot shower and a change of clothes before my guests arrived. As I struggled down the street, lugging all my bags and felling a little bit panicky I couldn’t believe my luck, amongst all the engaged taxis waiting at the traffic lights, one beacon blinked at me letting me know there was a seat free. Quickly before the lights could turn green again and my time-saver would vanish without me I opened up the car door and slipped into the back seat, dumping all my goods around me. A little bit out of breath and wiping the rain from my face I told the driver where to go and sank back into the seat.  As I felt my body relax the driver turned around and a confused looking face appeared before my eyes: “Sorry love this is a driving school car, not a taxi!”

Topic – A Misunderstanding ,Word count – 214, Mood – Hecticity, Genre – Comedy