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As I poured the milk into my tea this morning I really got annoyed, the milk had gone off over night and now my morning beverage was filled with unsightly chunks. But what upset me the most was that I was the only one to blame.

As a single living by myself (not by choice or design) I have to take all the blame for any unpaid bills, forgotten groceries, mess in the kitchen and even if that chocolate I was saving for times of need (we all have them) disappears before its time. Sadly, there is no one else to point the finger at and at times this can get a little bit tiring. Even worse, since no one is around to then make you that much needed cup of tea, pour a relaxing glass of wine or give you a well deserved hug, your tired-self has to even do that on its own.

But of course there are many benefits to living on your own as well. You don’t need to ask if you can have the last slice of cake, so even if you baked it you can eat it too! You can twirl to your hearts content if a twirl-worthy song jingles from the radio and dancing to ABBA, singing along at the top of your voice while cooking is not judged either. Well, unless a neighbour walks by and sees your silly single behaviour through the window.

As I folded the laundry and put clean sheets on my bed, I suddenly realised, that although I would love to snuggle up to that special someone, at least I can lie diagonally in bed if I like and I get to keep the entire double bedspread to myself.  What luxury, so I think I’ll make my own bed and lie in for now.