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Since my sister and her kids have been staying I have been making breakfast the old-fashioned way … boiling eggs, setting the table with napkins (even if they are the brightly coloured, paper kind) and having a selection of cereals and bread ready for every taste, want and need. I even make herbal tea and normal black tea and I have both apple and orange juice ready to be poured.

We sit (still in our pyjamas), chat and take our time in getting the day started. No rush, no pressure just people sitting together in (more or less) harmony being a family and enjoying each others stories, squabbling over who gets the last piece of toast or dropping jammy knifes onto laps and floors.

I love these little comfy family session, possibly because as a single meals can be a lonely time and more often than not I will put on the TV to keep me company. I love the warm feeling of community and love that sits in my tummy while I chat, eat and just enjoy the people around me.

Interestingly enough studies do show that by sitting down as a family, children are less likely to develop bad eating habits or even disorders, they also learn manners and how to interact with others. But what really is surprising children who have regular family meals are also less likely to smoke or take drugs … who knew?

So as I remove the remnants of another lovely breakfast, I am happy about how my day started and it looks to continue in the same way

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