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Just a quick entry today as I have three sleeping Germans upstairs and I am not sure how long the peace will last. And a they say it’s best to to let them lie.

After a lovely day in sunny Dublin (a rare treat in itself) we all made it back to my tiny cottage safe and sound, carrying many, many bags filled with t-shirts and other garbs. Everyone was happy, if tired and I was on tea duty. Between boiling several pots of tea and enjoying the teenage fashion show in my own living-room I was able to up my normal cuddle quota.  I read somewhere (a good while ago) that to be a happy person you should enjoy at lest ten hugs every day. As a single bilingual living on my own I sadly often spend my days hug-less. And although I am not sure if an emotional-hug bank exists I try to get my cuddles when I can, hoping there is enough love stored up to hug me through those sometimes lonely times.

I love hugs, not the sideways-step and pat on the back kind, the one that heterosexual men do to signal they are not gay … each pat a word: pat I’m pat not pat gay. Nor do I enjoy the leaning-forward, only embracing the shoulders kind of hug, this kind of hug is normally topped off with air-kissing and high-pitched “lovely to see you” screeches. I love a full-on hug, an unselfconscious embrace in which both parties just jump in and hug  tightly, with abundance and joy. A hug that you just want to stay in, feel loved and safe in, a hug that helps you through those tricky moments in life or even just lets you really feel how the other feels about you.

Touch is such an important factor of human life and studies done into the field of trust and touch and how they are linked. If we are touched (not in the inappropriate way) our brain kick starts love-hormones called Oxytocin into action. These loveable hormones don’t only help us feel empathy and reduce anxiety but they also help us bond with others. And research has even shown that hugging can reduce physical pain, even if it is just you wrapping your arms around yourself in a me-embrace.

As I hear the pitter-patter and thud of large and small feet upstairs I am ready for my daily hug-doses, feeling loved is a great way to start the day.

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