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The Germans are coming and that in full force. In three hours my sister plus her two kids will be landing in Dublin airport and my homes invasion will begin. For four days the four of us will share my tiny home and that does scare me a little, I am still not even sure how and where we will all sleep and I think I will have to devise some sort of shower schedule! I do have  a tiny guestroom that doubles as a study,  but all it fits is a build in bed and a plank of wood attached to the wall disguised as a desk, and for the next few days this is where I think I’ll hide when I need a moment to myself.

I love my sister and her kids and am looking forward to spending time with them but the whirlwind of things that seem to clutter up everything in their wake is a complete other matter. As my niece and nephew have grown up the mess that they make has expanded. My gorgeous niece is now a teen and lives a life filled with accessories, fashion and those twilight dudes. My lovely, cuddly nephew is, unlike Pinocchio, a real boy… smelly runners, stinky socks and electronic stuff hover around him, filling the air with that very special boy flavour. And I know my sister has a few shopping trips planned, as there is not much that can beat the prices of Penny’s, so if you add in all those additional items, chaos is sure to ensue.

But not being able to see the floor for a couple of days and being unable to sit without having to remove obstacles first, is a small price I (at times begrudgingly) am happy to pay to spend time with the people I love. And I am sure they will be carrying some liquorice and other German goodies to lull me into a happy mood. Now all I need to do is get over my summer-time-jetlag to be able to enjoy the experience in full.

PS: If you don’t hear from me by Friday please send in the troops to check if I’m still alive