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I am bath girl. I love lingering in a tub filled to the brim with hot fragranced water, letting my limbs relax while reading, listing to music or even enjoying a glass of red. Sadly lingering gloriously in the bath is no longer a possibility as my tiny home has no room for a tub (well it could if I gave up the washing machine and dryer). So now instead of the glories of a bath I have the hot rain of a shower.

I know many people love showers and I admit that standing in a tiny glass room being pelted by hot splashes of water can have its appeal still, it is not the same as a bath. But with no other option I have learned to enjoy what my minute bathroom has to offer, it is all in the preparation I have discovered.

There is nothing worse than running out of hot water with your head full of suds dripping stingingly into your eyes, while your naked, wet body starts to get cold. Even worse if you have just started shaving your legs and you now have to either brace yourself and shave in the cold or run around all day with one pristine leg and one cactus-like limb, hoping no one notices. Not a good way to start any day, but especially bad on a Monday morning. To avoid this day wrecking experience I always make sure my boiler is filled to the brim with steaming water.

The next step is to pick a CD and turn the music up, I am nowhere as talented as in the shower. I sing like a goddess and dance like a nymph, and all to my own entertainment. Then I place my bathrobe (a big, fluffy, cosy blue monster that dries and cuddles in one) in the perfect position to grab and slip into as soon as I step out of the hot, steaming waterfall. I also always ensure that I have an extra towel ready for my hair. I hate those cold wet dribbles of water that splash down your neck or cleavage from the tendrils of your hair making you shiver. And finally I have my green IKEA slippers ready and waiting, not only do they dry my feet as I walk around they also keep me from having to step onto those cold tiles on the floor.

Some of you may think that this is a lot of preparation for a mundane, daily task but studies have shown that savouring things has a positive effect on us and our well-being. And the best way to savour anything is to make the pleasurable experience last, with no distractions and by being completely in the moment. So by making a shower be exactly the way I want it, I am actually savouring the task of cleanliness, providing myself with a uplifting start to the day.

So, heres to the glories of a shower and making enjoyable moments last