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My next door neighbours seem to be having some sort of daytime rave going on in their home. The loud duf,duf,duf of the basses are vibrating through my walls and the DJ is shouting out in muted tones. It started this morning at ten and seems to be settling in for the day. The funny thing is I live in a row of tiny cottages, turn of the century brick builds, 26 in all and not your normal setting for a techno party.

While my polish neighbours are hyper, hyper, hyper I have cosied down for the day in my PJs (yes they are pink and blue) as a silent protest to the noise behind the adjoining wall. My mug of tea (or bucket as I’ve been told) is my drug of choice and relaxation with a good film (or at the very least a good bad one) is my stationary occupation for the afternoon.  I feel quite content in my leisure wear of choice, comfortable, warm and colourful indoor clothing. I even feel a kind of kinship towards the famous Dublin Pyjamas Girls, who roam our streets at all hours, always in Pyjamas and mostly in Uggs.

I may not understand why they chose to stay in bed-wear even if the sun is shining or the rain is pelting down, but there really is something really comforting about being in your pyjamas all day. Maybe it is the soft material or the elastic waistbands, maybe it’s the colours and designs of childhood or the comfy cuts that make PJs feel a little bit like a wearable hug. And who doesn’t enjoy a hug, especially one that envelops you all day long?

After seeing the very watchable and at times quite funny documentary Pyjama Girls on RTE last week I do understand the motivation these young Dubliners have to be PJ-ed up throughout the day a tiny bit better. They wear their pyjamas a little bit like amour, the stars, love-hears and teddy-bears protecting them from those who are not like them. They are standing up against main-stream fashion and what society wants them to be and do, creating a sub-section of their own, recognisable to each other and to those who may disprove.

But even if I quite like the pyjama girls I don’t think I’ll become part of their tribe just yet, nor will I join the pride of techno boppers next door. But I’ll enjoy my pyjamas in the privacy of my home, even in broad daylight but have a shower and dress before I head out to  get some bikkies and milk for my tea.

Here is a link to a clip from Pyjama Girls: http://vimeo.com/13736045